From Knowledge to Wealth

LatIPnet Inc. is a global non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of transforming knowledge into wealth for Latin countries. LatIPnet catalyzes the generation of value through global synergies among governments, universities, research centers, companies, entrepreneurs and investors. LatIPnet focuses on building Global Accelerators and Regions of Innovations, and on strengthening Education for the Knowledge Economy.


LatIPnet has three programs that leverage knowledge in Latin countries to build wealth that benefits both the local innovation ecosystem (entrepreneurs, scientists, academic centers, investors, etc.) and the region (creating high-quality jobs, new high-tech companies, global partnerships, etc.).

The program “Global Accelerators” builds startup accelerators that, according to the geography, focus on certain specific areas which could generate global competitive advantages.

The Regions of Innovation in Latin Countries program is designed to support the efforts of regional leaders and organizations that seek to promote an innovation-based development model.

Through the Education for the Knowledge Economy program LatIPnet offers consulting and training services to support the efforts of regions and organizations in Latin countries that seek to strengthen their knowledge base and develop specialized skills.